Where Can I Get some?

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Our Teas

We make great refreshments that you will feel good about drinking by using high-quality, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Our boba teas and Vietnamese coffee are combined with a mixture of tapioca pearls and honey to add a sweet, filling texture, transforming these humble drinks into delightful treats. We’re so driven to create products that taste natural, unlike the typical powder-based drinks, that we take the time to understand and learn about our ingredients.

Our Roots

DC has an innovative food scene that celebrates other cultures; yet, we’ve noticed a conspicuous lack of our favorite treat: Boba Tea. As two friends with passion for problem-solving, we decided it was time to make our own tea. Not only is boba tea delicious, but it also brings people together. So, that’s why we started Spot of Tea: to share boba with our friends and community.